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Catch All Time Low on Sept. 21 at SM North EDSA The Block 6:00 pm for their mall appearance and on Sept. 22 at the Araneta Coliseum for their concert! Details at www.facebook.com/astroplus1!

Special thanks to Astroplus, Ovation Productions, Dayly Entertainment and MCA Music!

A Message From America

Catch All Time Low on Sept. 21 at SM North EDSA The Block 6:00 pm for their mall appearance and on Sept. 22 at the Araneta Coliseum for their concert! Details at www.facebook.com/astroplus1!

Special thanks to Astroplus, Ovation Productions, Dayly Entertainment and MCA Music!

Dear Philippines, one of my many bands is coming to you, hope you welcome them warmly. With love, Alfred.

Hello, hello!

Hello! Marin here. I just wanted to tell you guys that I have noticed.. NO ONE HAS BEEN UPDATING ON OUR COM!
Well, as far as I'm concerned. I'm a lazy person when it comes to updating. It's my weakness! 

Anyways. I miss you guys. You haven't been updating like.. FOREVER! :| And I am saaaaaaaaad. Very.

Marin Stewart ♥


Name's Alfred! You know, America. Hope you haven't forgotten me, countries. That would be really, really, really, SAD. :(
Okay, I'm here to tell you that someone has to at least update this community, or else it will die soon. :( I miss you updating people!

Your Hero,

Well Since We're Always Drunk...

I decided to make a post about actual World Activities. *clears throat and moans in pain over hangover*

First of all, we definitely need to find something to do other than drink. Second, let's make a giant effigy of Alfred and burn it to the ground. Three, we should have more anti-Alfred occasions. Four, yeah, I'm in an I hate Alfred mood. Five, POLLUTION must end, NOW. Six, America's president is in China, anyone else want to go? Six, we need to meet, SOON.

Well, if anyone has anything to contribute, please comment.


If Popeye has spinach, I've got beer.

For a week, I am trying to be sober... trying. I thought it was best for the whole team for me to be sober. I thought it would help me think better and concour Wales, finally.

Everything was going well until Alfred dangled beer in front of me. He used it against me like cryptonite (cliche) and I couldn't resist and fell on his trap.

Currently, I am drinking with Alfred, Feli and Arthur.

I keep blackmailing Arthur into helping me get Wales but his will is too strong, even though he's drunk and puking.

Sober ain't for me... It's my spinach and I can't resist it!

Guess What Everyone: I'm Drunk

Yes, I'm admitting it.
No Alfred, this is not a joke.
Yes Germany, you warned me this would happen.
Yes Italy, I drank wine with pasta.
No France, don't come over here.
No Russia, I don't want to become one with you. Ever.

So here's the story: I was walking home today after a very long day at work when, suddenly, this freaky guy made pushed me into his restaurant and made me order. So I ordered some pasta and they offered me wine along with it. Well, I finished it all (the wine, not the pasta) and I was suddenly abducted by America's alien but he didn't look like an alien...he looked like France. When I told him to bugger off he suddenly turned into Russia and had this dark creepy aura. I ran away and I accidentally squished a rabbit that looked a lot like America. Before I could pick up the poor rabbit I was captured by the Axis Powers. Then I was suddenly waking up, at home, in my bed.

Oh and did I mention I'm drunk?

For the sake of posting.

I noticed that no one has really updated our community, so I have decided that I'll update it. Hahahahaha

I have a story for you guys.. (Yet another story to be told -America)

Since ENGLAND hasn't been updating the community, I shall post the letter England sent to Germany about America -- Who is my BEST FRIEND -- so I kinda "stole" it from England to be able to post it here. :p

So it goes like this....

I hate Alfred and
This letter is going to prove that,
I care
For Alfred.
Even if it seems like
He still means a lot to me,
That isn’t true.
There is nothing I want more than
To erase his existence and
The time we’ve once spent together,
Because I hate
Every memory we’ve shared,
It is not something
I treasure in my heart.
What do I have to do to prove
You are
Right, and I have
Hidden that.
You know I hate him,

After that.. You read the once that are in bold.
Thank you,


SemBreak or OutBreak?

Finally, a break from insanity from school. Or is a break?
I have come to a conclusion that though this "sem break" is going to be such an out break.
I bet everything's soon going to be wild and very disastrous. This isn't going to be an easy "week".

 /▌This is Alfred. Copy and paste him so he can take over THE WORLD!
 / \

Okay. So random. Anyways.. My name is Madoka Akiho, close friend of Mr. Alfred F. Jones. Also the writer of 'Smile for Me?'
Thank you all by the way. Haha :)) Anywhooo.. I can't think of anything to type now. Ja neee. *Reads FanFic*


The five stages of being drunk.

1. Denial

2. Acceptance

3. Denying the acceptance

4. Passing out (may include vomiting) 

5. Hang over.

Yep... I, the ever so smart leader of the Axis studied psychology and focused on *hiccup* being drunk. Yeah... being drunk... I just love beer and anything to do with it whatever it was! *hiccup*

YOu wanna an example???????????????????????

That stupid Arthur wore nothing but an apron right after joining America, Italy and MMEEE in drinking.

STAGE 1: I told him he was drunk and he said noooo! He said he's just trying a new fashion yadda but believe me, he smelled of beer and WHISKYYYYY!

STAGE 2: He told me that yes, he was drunk and he cried all in my lap because America saw him like that and he told me... You're drunk too and America too and I told her, America may be drunk but I am soooo nottt! *hiccup*

STAGE 3: He then drank somemore and said... see!!! YOu guys are drunk!!! and i am nottt!! *giggle* then I said you just said so, lookie, America recorded everything thing and he said it wasn't himmmm!!! stupid drunken scone! And that's about time I admitted I was drunk too just so he could go past stage 3333

STAGE 4: Then when he was trying to force scones in our faces, she dropped on the floor and we were so happy we didn't get  to take that stupid despicable sconesss. Oh, clarification,,, i am not drunk I just said that for showww. I did not mean *hiccup* it..

STAGE 5: He was puking all morning. America, Italy and MMMEeeee wake up lying on dirt, we must have passed out and we puked with iiingland tooo. *hiccup* and today, It's happening all over again... *hiccup* except that franceee is with us right now drinking wine in a stupid reserved manner... so stupid, he sould be hit by scones, those hardd scones to wake up and taste the taste of rowdineesss.

*hiccup* Oh... p.s. America is currently kissing France's cheeks... he thought he's England... ihihihih... I love BEERRRR!!!

So an England Intro Post

This is to tell the rest of you countries about me. *clears throat*

I used to be...a PIRATE. Yes, a pirate. I was an unsettled young 'un with no purpose in life, no future. I was young, I was foolish, I was strange. Even when I became more like a gentleman I was still irresponsible and foolish. But that all changed when I got a brother. Yes, a brother.

His name was Alfred. He was a small little thing, all abandoned and alone. I took it upon myself to raise him as my little brother. I played with him, taught him new things, made him feel like the most valuable little boy ever.

But he grew up too fast. Suddenly he was pushing his older brother away, even hurting me to do it. Finally, I had to let go. I was crushed when he declared his independence, but what could I do? 

Now, I see him all grown up and confident and I wonder, where did I go wrong.